Can Pinch Welds Be Repaired?

Can Pinch Welds Be Repaired?

Pinch welds are a somewhat complex joint in any car. It can really mess up joints and sections of your car. It can be very worrisome to have a pinch weld get damaged and ruin your car’s entire body. You might be wondering whether or not can pinch welds be repaired. Well, here’s a short answer for you.

Yes, pinch welds can be repaired. How you would repair it changes on what kind of damage it is. Some types of damage are easier to fix than others, and there might be some drastic damages that can’t be fixed. In those cases, replacing might just be the only option you’ll have.

In this article, I will explain to you all the different sorts of damages that occur on pinch welds and how you can fix them. So, without further ado let’s dive right into it.

Common Sorts of Pinch Welds Damages

A pinch weld is a section in the car where different metal parts are welded together. Different types of metal parts are all pinched together and welded, hence the name. It is primarily done to attach the outer body of the car to the inner section. You can see this joint by the side on the underside of your car.

How you’ll fix your pinch weld heavily depends on what sort of damage you have. So, if you are attempting to fix your pinch weld then assessing the nature of your damage is the first and most important step.

There are a few kinds of very common damages that happen to a pinch weld joint. The first is the joint getting bent inwards at a specific spot. This happens most commonly because of improper jacking. Sometimes when jacking up improperly the pressure of the entire car falls upon one point. This bends the joint and sometimes even wrecks it altogether.

The next kind of damage is the entire joint getting wrecked or falling apart. The sides of the joint come apart and obviously, they aren’t joined together anymore. This can happen via improper jacking too but this mostly happens because of either impact damage or through running over some heavy object while driving.

The last kind of most common damage is rust damage. Rust can damage your entire car, and it can damage the pinch weld too. Rust damage is complex as it is very different in each case. Depending on the severity of the damage this can be the most complex one.

Can You Repair Pinch Welds?

Yes, you can. Other than a few very severe cases, you would not need to worry so much about whether or not you would be able to fix these welds or not. Some very severe damages might be irreparable but with a bit of trial and error, you can fix almost all types of damages.

A pinch weld in a car holds the interior and exterior of it together. It is a very important joint. But, despite how complex it might look, the idea behind it is fairly simple. You need to put the parts back together and reinforce them once more to fix the pinch weld.

How you will repair the pinch weld will change depending on what kind of damage you might have. Dents and the parts coming apart are usually easier than repairing rust damage.

In the next section of this article, I will now explain the different methods you might be able to use to repair the pinch weld in your car.

How to Repair Pinch Welds?

So, let’s take a look at what you will be doing to fix your pinch weld and get your car back in shape again. The processes I describe here are different but the principle behind each one is the same. You need to pull them back together and reinforce them so they stay in place.

Based on this one single idea you can even improvise and come up with solutions of your own. And a lot of people definitely do that. Some even come up with makeshift tools of their own making to make the process easier for them. Here, I will be describing what I recommend using as somewhat of a standard process.


First off, there is the dent. Dents on the pinch weld are very common. One wrong jacking while getting your car fixed, you need to get another thing fixed right after. Here, you will first need to assess if there is any breakage or not. In most cases, there are not.

If there is no breakage, then your job is to straighten everything back to its previous alignment. You can do it with hammers and locking pliers. After you straighten everything back you will see the scrapings and scratches.

Now you need to fix the scrapings and parts of bare metal sticking out. Remove the unnecessary rough bits with a scraper and put on a coat of primer. After the primer apply paint and your fix is now done.


Next is if there is any sort of breakage or the joint is wrecked, or if the sides are coming apart. You’ll need to redo the pinch weld itself. The most severe situation will have both parts detached and there will be a gap.

You need to pinch the two sides back together at their widest gaps. You can do this with something like a vice clamp or locking pliers. With a bit of hammering, you can straighten the two parts so they are aligned correctly once again. Keeping the pinch tight you will need to weld everything back together again.

If you feel that it needs any sort of reinforcements then you can weld an additional metal plate. After you are done welding everything back together once again, the only thing left to do is prime and paint it so it looks alright once again.

Rust Damage and Others

Now lastly, there’s the rust damage. Fixing rust damage on the pinch weld is similar to how you might fix the rust damage on any other part of the car. First, you would need to shave off all rusted parts. You can shave it off using small tools or even use a cutter to chop off the rusted parts entirely if the damage is too much.

You cannot keep any rusted parts because that rust will affect the rest of the car and even new parts to get rusted much quicker. After you are done removing the rusted parts, it is time to reinforce using metal plates. Depending on your car use metal plates of proper thickness so everything fits together nicely.

You’ll need to weld the metal plates properly and you might even need to perform the pinch weld once again. After all the welding and reinforcement is done you can primer and paint the whole thing and you’ll be all done.

Some damages might be severe to the point of no return. Sometimes the breakage is too far to the point where reinforcing or welding again might not work. In those cases, it is a far better idea to replace things altogether rather than trying a fix that might not fix anything.


In this article, I’ve discussed what exactly pinch welds are, and how they might get damaged. I also explained how you might go on about repairing the different kinds of damage to bring your car back to tip-top shape.

I hope I was able to be of some help to you and that you found the answer to your question “Can pinch welds be repaired?” and any other questions that might have come along with it. Wishing you all the best, and, until next time, farewell!

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