Welder Academy is a comprehensive website designed to offer the simplest tools and explanations for all those curious enough to try and learn this new and interesting craftsmanship.

Welding overall with all its distinct complexities can prove to be a rather rewarding career path, enabling people to turn their passion into a work of art.

For that reason, we are here to help people learn and understand the ins and outs of such a career, explaining the various techniques used in the welding process and how each material will respond to a different technique;

Explaining all details in broad and relatively simple terms, we seek to act as a guide for beginners and professionals alike, to help guide from the very first moment until the completion of the process.

Starting with the best tools on the market, protective measures/materials, and proper technique, at Welder Academy, you will discover a whole new universe, along with all the tips and tricks to turn yourself from a beginner into a welding wizard.

WelderAcademy.com has been created as an alternative to the old and rigid brick and mortar establishments that usually offer a single narrow perspective. Here we aim to offer the full step-by-step training through extensive articles regarding every aspect of the welding process with the pros and cons of each situation.

The best way to prepare a future welder is to identify the skills from the very beginning, and that is indeed the first step to be acquired. Once that step has been accomplished, the sky is the limit, therefore knowledge will work its way through proper learning.

Welding is indeed an art of the metal and it takes true skill and devotion to bend its hardcore according to your will. For that, we are here to guide and support you!